SPADER, GUTJAHR, CLEMES Law Firm has as its primary goal to provide high quality and personalized services to its clients through agility, efficiency, creativity and updatedness in the search for the best solutions to the legal issues they face.

The core areas in which the Law Firm works are the tax, corporate, environmental, civil and administrative areas where constant research for improvement is carried out so that its members and clients are always updated with regards to the constant changes in legislation, Court jurisprudence and in the studies of Law doctrines. 

SPADER, GUTJAHR, CLEMES Law Firm operates primarily in Corporate Law, a segment where it seeks to aggregate specific knowledge about the clients’ business in order to offer adequate legal assistance in each corporate area thus providing the client with the expected results, assuring advantages that are significantly superior to their investment when hiring the legal service.

Clients’ services are conducted by the participant Lawyers with the assistance of trainees and members of the staff in charge of paralegal activities.